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Welcome to the Message Board. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please get in touch. We're very keen to hear how the resource is being used, and what we can do to facilitate further use. And let us know if you spot any mistakes!

On 30th November 2010, Kent wrote:

I have just been introduced to timelines tv. As a geography teacher teaching History, this resource has been fantastic. We have used the parts to do with the Industrial Revolution so far. The presenter is superb and the information grabs their attention in y9. Long may your funding continue!

On 29th November 2010, Andrew Chater writes:

I'm delighted to report that the "Smallpox" resource has just won a BAFTA at the BAFTA Children's awards!

The ceremony was held at the London Hilton on Sunday night. My colleagues Paul Trainor, Jon Adams and I were nominated in the Secondary Learning category, and we saw off stiff competition from Teachers' TV, the BBC, and - rather wonderfully - Derren Brown, who was nominated for his show "The Science of Scams". But his tricksy mind games didn't pay off, clearly, because we ended up with the coveted bronze BAFTA mask.

Great news.

On 27th October 2010, Jackie Lee wrote:

I am a teacher and the short vids are just perfect for students - well done and thank you!

On 12th October 2010, Jacky Crayford wrote:

Thank-you for creating such brilliant resources!

On 11th October 2010, Laura Houghton wrote:

Please please please add you series on the Nazis onto your site - so many of us use it and our videos are getting very old.

Your site is brilliant and so versatile.

Andrew from replies:

I've had quite a few requests from teachers over the past few months, asking for me to add my series on Nazi Germany (the "Geordie Nazi" series) to the site. The problem is that the rights don't rest with me; I made this series in-house for the BBC.

But the good news is that I hear that the BBC intends to re-transmit this series, as part of the BBC Learning Zone output, at some point in mid-November. It will go out in the early hours of the morning and teachers will be able to record all five programmes in the series in one two-hour block, enabling you finally to dispose of those tired old VHS copies.


On 1st October 2010, Carol O'Mahony wrote:

I am a Curriculum Manager for History with Stockport Continuing Education Service, delivering a wide range of courses to adult learners. We use many venues where there is no access to the internet, therefore production of the Timelines on DVD is something we would support. They are ideal for our teaching purposes. We would be interested in British Social history, British political history and British Imperial history.

Kind Regards

Andrew from replies:

To all those teachers who've requested DVD copies of Timelines over the past couple of months - we've not forgotten you! But unfortunately we're having to wait until enough requests come in, to make it worthwhile our burning off a print-run.

We'll keep you posted!


On 27th September 2010, Dave Chapman wrote:

I'm a teacher and think these clips are a fantastic resource. I'd be interested in the Changing Lives, Rulers & Ruled and Nations & Empire DVDs. I can imagine that you would have a massive market in history classrooms if you can get the advertising out there. They are prefect for lessons, being short high quality clips.

On 21st September 2010, Peter Milton wrote:

Great Service.

On 7th September 2010, Catriona Devlin wrote:

Great website keep up the good work!

On 26th August 2010, posted the following review of

"Browse historical information in the form of timelines at this illuminating site. Timelines are a great way to deliver swathes of historical information and, as you can guess from its name, this site has plenty to peruse. Covering topics as diverse as the history of smallpox, the American West and the British Empire, is a brilliant means of engaging with the past. The timeline structure lets you quickly jump to a specific date or topic, and each chapter combines videos, photos, location details and links to relevant external resources. Although the use of the term 'module' suggests the site's educational purpose, anyone can access the entertaining and enlightening content for free."

On Wednesday 4th August 2010, Ann Dally wrote:


On Tuesday 3rd August 2010, Gillian Jones wrote:

Would love to purchase copy of DVD as a valuable and interesting teaching aid. Information is accessible and illustrations attention grabbing.

On Monday 2nd August 2010, Christopher wrote:

Hi there, as a newly-qualified History teacher who tried various resources whilst learning, I can honestly say that this was the most useful, engaging and intellectually stimulating visual source I have came across. Andrew Chater makes for an outstanding host of your show and is incredibly enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable in each episode I have seen. This really helped draw in those pupils I taught and have searched for a DVD collection online for some time in the hope of showing the episodes in full screen. I would be very willing to buy the entire collection and would strongly urge all History teachers to do the same. I would love to see a DVD collection available!

On Friday 2nd July 2010, Juergen Metz from Germany wrote:

Found the site by accident while researching the web for useful resources about the British Empire for teaching in a K-12 school. Brilliant work and excellent material.

Keep up the good work.

On Monday 14th June 2010, Dan Moorhouse wrote:

The site looks great, really well set out and the content of each clip is spot on. I think the whole site is now much more user friendly and easier to use in the classroom.

On Monday 7th June 2010, Jason Langford wrote:

The new site looks great!

I don't suppose you fancy doing a timeline with a Crime & Punishment theme next??!! We use your clips on Tolpuddle, the Suffragettes etc. in our unit on Protest through time, and would live to see what you could do with outlaws, smugglers and the Bloody Code!

On Tuesday 1st June 2010, Jac Casson wrote:

I plan to make good use of your excellent site when I return to work next year!

On Friday 28th May 2010, Dom Giles on wrote:

I've used this resource for the last couple of years. Great little 5-10 minute videos, brilliantly presented. My Year 8 class has just watched the "Glorious revolution". Very interesting.

Thanks for this resource!

On Thursday 27th May 2010, Hannah W. on wrote:

It looks good. It is fantastic that you can now get the videos on full screen. (I never could before, maybe I was being thick though?) The only problem is that it doesn't work with explorer 6 anymore, and we have not updated at school! IT department say it will be done in August, they need to iron out problems with internet explorer 8 first!

On Thursday 27th May 2010, Stuart Roper wrote:

This is a fantastic resource.

On Thursday 27th May 2010, Anies Hassan wrote:

I was just directed to your site by a colleague. I am really very impressed with the content and presentation! I am so pleased that there is something out there like this - it is very much needed!

On Thursday 27th May 2010, Lesley Ann on wrote:

Oh Wow this is fantastic, I was only using the 'old' page last week on the Peasants revolt for the GCSE Crime and Punishment course.
Really like the look of the new site. Will look more into next week on half term when I am planning.
Thank you for this valuable resource. Students love the clear, concise nature of the delivery in the short clips. They make great starters to lessons.

Have you thought about adding Crime through time to support the GCSE SHP History Crime and Punishment course? You have most of the topics covered on the site already, but a timeline thread link like smallpox through time would be fantastic!

Andrew from

Welcome to the new re-launched version of! Take your time to explore the new site. There's lots to discover.

There's a new timeline on the history of Smallpox, funded by the Wellcome Trust. And in response to teacher demand, we've two key new features to the British timelines. All the videos are now viewable at full length (rather than being broken into clips), and - at last! - they're viewable full screen.

If you enjoy, please spread the word! Tell your friends and colleagues.

If you notice any glitches (videos that don't play, hyperlinks that don't work, typos etc) do let us know, and we'll get them fixed. And use the message board to feed back your thoughts and comments.


Andrew from

What follows on the Message Board is a retrospective selection of the many hundreds of comments we've received over the past couple of years, since the original prototype of the site was launched in the spring of 2008.

Some were blog or forum postings; some were sent to us directly via the 'contact' form:

Alick Brown

This is an amazing resource - a superb quality and quantity of material, and a beautifully designed site.

Doug Belshaw points the way to the future of learning history. Very well done, Andrew - and kudos for making it free for all.


Thanks to Doug Belshaw who alerted me to this great site by Twitter. Timelines TV is a fantastic FREE resource for teachers of history, and anyone with an interest in learning about the past. It's been put together by Andrew Chater and has British history from 1066 to the present day. Our students study Medieval history so I can see uses for it in our school. I've been watching parts of the video about the Black Death and it seems pretty engaging.

It's another example of excellent free content available for teacher and student use. Remember the days of purchasing videos and the exorbitant cost of these resources? The times they are a changin' and I say more power to providers of free content. I hope teachers find these resources - especially teachers in poorly resourced schools. All students deserve good access to good teaching resources.


Very high quality content (originally filmed for the BBC) distributed in a very popular format (the timeline). And a pretty slick website to boot.


I wish I was still teaching history!


I think this site is fantastic. It's a history lovers' treasure trove!

Neil Thompson

Congratulations on this superb website. As a history adviser for Hampshire for 18 years and an OFSTED inspector, I have certainly been promoting this excellent site. Above all else it brings history alive, giving pupils clear engaging context but always pointing to the evidence base. I particularly like the use of historic sites, interpreted in an authoritative and yet accessible way, without patronising or overcomplicating. The attention it pays to chronology is exemplary.

Simon Casebourne

I would like to say that your site is superb and the idea of themes through history is bang on the current thinking in terms of history teaching. I think the clips are very informative and it is very easy to navigate, so congratulations to you and those who have worked on it. Also one further point is that there are many examples from different aspects of history that are not readily available, is excellent and allows teachers to dip in and out of different aspects. I have spent long hours clipping bitesized chunks from DVDs to play and you have done this - so thank you!

There are perhaps a couple of issues, sorry to say. One is quality. I would envisage playing to a class, but when you enlarge the quality id distorted. Are there any ways in which I am doing this wrong? Also is there anyway of playing the series clips on a topic together rather than having to keep selecting the next one manually.

Overall a superb resource and thank you for making it available to us. Also the drawings in the exercise book are very impressive!

David Illingworth

These are some of the best history documentaries I've seen, giving a very clear overview of British history.

The site is a wonderful resource, and excellently presented too.

Alamu Rathinasabapathy, India

it is really wonderful, the way history of Britain is being portrayed with apt pictures for reference. I who came inside without a clear cut view is very happy as I got a beautiful and a clear picture. Thanks a lot.

Stephanie Bartlog, Germany

Thank you so much for this programme. I am a student of English in the first semester in Leipzig, Germany and since we are dealing with british history I was looking around in the web to get some useful information. Luckily I found this website and now it's so much easier for me to understand all the connections and developments in history. I love following Andrew Chater through Britain and time.

Again, thank you!

Anna Thorne, Canada

Hello! I just discovered your website through a colleague of mine here in Canada and I wanted to let you know that I think your timeline is fabulous. There is so much rich content and you've made it available in a very accessible, engaging way. Thanks!

Paloma Tejada Caller, Spain

I want to congratulate you on your History of Britain. I find it fascinating.

I'm preparing a course on historical and cultural contexts relevant for the history of England - this is going to be of great help!

Magdalena Lup

Many many thanks! L O V E your website! Wish there were more detales life Elizabeth I and other great Kings that England had.

Steve Rowe

Hi - The site looks amazing and very easy to use. Excellent work.

I'm a student teacher of sociology (degree level) and find that your series links together social changes very well.


This looks like a fascinating site - obviously great for history, but some bits are very RS orientated. Take a look.

A great site for you world history people, especially 6th grade. Andrew Chater has created a wonderful site called It's a very nice, interactive history of Britain that features video clips from Andrew's television show.

The site features clips that can be accessed via an interactive timeline or a textual index. And being from the “wrong” side of the pond, I'm not familiar with Andrew or his show but I really like his conversational style and ability to weave history bits into the discussion.

Is there a US version?

Gill Williams

This is a fabulous resource - very easy to navigate - and potentially excellent to use both for Key Stage 3 and A level.

Jason Langford, Shaftesbury School

Congratulations and thanks for an excellent site. A wonderful concept that actually delivers! I use the clips very regularly in class (even more so since we reorganised our curriculum along similarly thematic lines).

Bill Pringle

As a teacher of history to key stage 3 students I am very impressed by the quality and presentation of essential information about British history - the timeline format helps students to understand chronology too.

Dafydd Humpreys

I think the Timelines website is awesome - and sorely needed. I think that your Timelines resource offers huge potential for this new style KS3 curriculum - it would be good to see it develop!

Ed Offer

A fantastic resource which I will definitely be using in classroom at Dunbar Grammar.

Michael Duffy

Wonderful resource, very very useful. Two questions: are there any plans to add more videos? And is it possible to increase screen size?

Andy Lawrence

A superb resource that enable pupils to get an overview of a thousand years of British history.