Seven Journeys in the American West


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7.Little Bighorn & Beyond
1876 - 1890

An exploration of how the West was won, and lost, told through the memories of the Lakota holy man Black Elk. (9 mins)

1.Road to Pine Ridge
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1. The story of Native resistance to the White invasion of the Plains.
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2. Broken treaties, broken promises.
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3. 1876 - the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
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4. The years that followed Little Bighorn - starvation and despair.
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5. The Lakota are restricted to the reservation at Pine Ridge - and the story comes full circle.

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We shot two re-enactments to tell the story of Little Bighorn. The first was a formal re-enactment staged in Harding, Montana, laid on for tourists. The second - much more fun and authentic - was an informal re-enactment laid on by the Crow Agency.


The gravestones of the men of the Seventh Cavalry can be visited at the Little Bighorn memorial site. They give an idea of the arrangement of the corpses in the final massacre; but many of the bodies were moved and dismembered after the event, so it's hard to be sure.


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