Seven Journeys in the American West


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6.The Cattle Trail

A cowboy remembers the days of the great cattle drives, and the transformation of the western plains into a cattle kingdom. (8 mins)

7.Little Bighorn & Beyond
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1. How the Cattle Trail was born in the years after the American Civil War.
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2. Teddy Blue Abbott - the cowboy's story.
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3. The drover's life, driving the longhorns north out of Texas. A life of dust and sweat.
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4. To the stockyards in Abilene, Kansas - and the end of the Cattle Trail.
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5. Teddy's last drive, to Montana - exchanging the life of a drover for the life of a rancher.

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Fort Worth Stockyards are worth a visit. They lay on cattle drives for tourists, and the drovers hired to stage the event are great value; they know their history and ooze Texan pride. And thankyou also to Steve Murrin at the Westfork Ranch, Texas, for allowing to film the herds on his land.


The final sequences were filmed on the 3-Deuce Ranch, just east of Lewistown, Montana. The ranch is still owned by the Abbott family, and we filmed there as the guests of Darrell Abbott, a Vietnam vet who kept us entertained with a fascinating account of his family history.


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