Seven Journeys in the American West


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5.Gold in the Black Hills

The story of the South Dakota gold rush of 1874, and of its impact on the sacred homelands of the Lakota Sioux. (9.25 mins)

6.The Cattle Trail
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1. Gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
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2. Gold strikes across the West - and their impact on the Native American Indians.
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3. Treaties promise the Black Hills to the Lakota - but for how long?
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4. The South Dakota Gold Rush begins. The story of Annie Tallent and the Gordon Party.
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5. The army ejects the Gordon Party - but the Black Hills are changed forever.

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The Black Hills of South Dakota are beautiful and rich in history. The mining towns of Deadwood and Rapid City boast visitor attractions, and the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a must. The reconstruction of the Gordon Stockade can be visited within Custer State Park.


East of the Black Hills are the Badlands of South Dakota, an extraordinary landscape of eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires - a pale white version of the Grand Canyon. This was the arid landscape the Gordon Party (keen to avoid detection) rolled through.


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