Seven Journeys in the American West


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3.Wagon Trails to the West

A 14-year-old girl describes a great American adventure, crossing the Plains by wagon on a 2000-mile journey west. (9.25 mins)

4.By Railroad to Nebraska
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1.14-year-old Sallie Hester sets off on a great adventure.
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2. Laying in supplies at St Joseph, Missouri.
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3. The wagon trail across the Plains.
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4. Re-enactors follow the route of Sallie's journey.
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5. Rough going through the Sierra Nevada - and a welcome arrival in California.

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This module took us across central USA, from St Joseph Missouri to California. Highlights along the route were Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska, and Independence Rock, Wyoming. Following the route (by car - let alone by wagon!) is a lengthy and exciting adventure.


The wagon re-enactment sequence was filmed south of Rawlings, Wyoming, on land that's controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. We travelled at the invitation of Ben Kern, the train leader, and Candy Moulton, a journalist who specialises in wagon train history. An unforgettable experience.


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