Seven Journeys in the American West


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2.Travels with the Oglala

An early traveller in the West recalls life with the Oglala, and the ritual of the Great Buffalo Hunt. (8 mins)

3.Wagon Trails to the West
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1.Francis Parkman makes a journey down the Oregon Trail, in search of the Plains Indians.
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2. Parkman heads west of Fort Laramie - and makes contact with the Oglala.
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3. A snapshot of Oglala life, as recorded by Francis Parkman.
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4. A sacred ritual: the Great Buffalo Hunt.
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5. Francis Parkman reflects on the future for the Oglala Indians.

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The ruins of Fort Laramie in Wyoming are wonderfully evocative, and well worth a visit. This place was once the crossroads of a nation moving west. Originally a fur trading post, it was the last stop for the wagon trains before attempting the arduous journey west.


We were taken to the Little Medicine Bow River (the site of Parkman's buffalo hunt) by an expert local guide, Jon Noyes. We filmed the buffalo at Custer State Park, South Dakota under the supervision of the Park Ranger, Craig Pugsley. So exciting - one of the best filming days of my career.


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