Smallpox Through Time


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8.The Vaccine Triumphant

Hopes for a world without smallpox: Jenner's vaccine is adopted in Britain and beyond. (3.25 mins)

9.Mad Cows & Ox-faced Boys
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1. What is vaccination?
Nowadays, we use the word 'vaccination' to describe... Read more
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2. Vaccination vs 'variolation'
Inoculation against smallpox ('variolation') was... Read more
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3. Was Jenner the first?
In 1774, two decades before Jenner's experiment... Read more
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4. The adoption of the vaccine
Jenner's first report of a successful vaccine... Read more
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5. The decline of smallpox in the West
By the early 20th century, smallpox fatalities... Read more

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The "Temple of Vaccinia", where Jenner vaccinated the poor of the parish, is in the garden of the Chantry, Jenner's home - now the Jenner Museum. It's a curious folly. Take a 360 degree tour of the interior by clicking on the BBC link here.


The final sequences in the module were filmed in the docks in Gloucester - not for any special historical reason, we simply happened to be nearby. The docks are connected to the Severn by the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, and are home to the National Waterways Museum.

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