Smallpox Through Time


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7.Jenner's Breakthrough

A country doctor's breakthrough, and the dawn of a new age on the control of smallpox. (3 mins)

8.The Vaccine Triumphant
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1. What is vaccination?
Nowadays, we use the word 'vaccination' to describe... Read more
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2. Vaccination vs 'variolation'
Inoculation against smallpox ('variolation') was... Read more
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3. Was Jenner the first?
In 1774, two decades before Jenner's experiment... Read more
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4. The ethics of Jenner's experiment
Jenner's behaviour can be justified for two reasons... Read more
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5. The vaccine controversy
Over the past thirty years, historians have debated... Read more

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Berkeley is hardly Gloucestershire's most lovely village. But it's home to Berkeley Castle, famous because it has been in the continual possession of the same family for the past 900 years. (It was also where Edward II was murdered, in a deeply unpleasant fashion).


If you go to Berkeley, make sure you visit the Jenner Museum. You can see the study where Edward Jenner performed the famous experiment on James Phipps, and explore rooms full of artefacts illustrating the smallpox story. The staff at the museum were very helpful in the making of this resource.

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Timelines: "Smallpox through Time" was entirely funded with through a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Award. We are very grateful for the Trust's support in the making of this resource.

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