Smallpox Through Time


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4.Child Pox

An exploration of the impact of smallpox on the infant population, shown through the experience of one English family. (1.5 mins)

5.Experiment in Newgate
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1. A disease of childhood
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2. The Speckled Monster
By the 18th century, smallpox in Britain... Read more
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3. Treating the Speckled Monster
By the early 18th Century, a range of treatments... Read more

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Great Barrington is just west of Burford, Oxfordshire, where we shot module 6, 'The Speckled Monster'. Local historian, Joan Moody, knowing our interest in smallpox, told us about the effigy to the Bray family, so we went to have a look.


It's an extraordinary memorial. The angel above is carved by Christopher Cass. And below, one family member after another, killed by smallpox. Not all were infant casualties. Major Edmund Bray survived the siege of Mastrick, and Lt Colonel William Bray served in Flanders; both succumbed to smallpox.

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