Smallpox Through Time


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3.Smallpox in America

The story of Pocahontas, and of the devastating consequences of smallpox amongst the indigenous people of America. (3.5 mins)

4.Child Pox
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1. Smallpox arrives in Europe
We don't know exactly when smallpox reached Europe, but... Read more
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2. Survival and Immunity
Smallpox killed about 30% of those it infected... Read more
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3. Smallpox crosses the Atlantic
From the late 15th century onwards,... Read more
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4. Smallpox in North America
In North America, too, European viruses wiped out... Read more
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5. Famous victims
Many famous people in history suffered from Smallpox... Read more

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We shot the Pocahontas riverboat sequences on the Thames on a grim February day. I seem to have done so many Thames riverboat sequences over the years - see 'The Peasants' Revolt' for another example - but London has never looked so drab as on this occasion!


The statue to Pocahontas in the churchyard of St George's Gravesend is worth a look. It's curiously moving to see her statue here. So incongruous. A short walk away is a view across the river to Tilbury Docks, where we shot theSS Empire Windrush) sequences in Timelines: Empire.

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