Smallpox Through Time


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13.Smallpox Today

Should we keep stocks of the smallpox virus? What are the benefits? What are the risks? (3.75 mins)

1.Face of a Pharaoh
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1. A world free of smallpox
After the final cases of the disease in India... Read more
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2. What next?
The excitement at the global success of the eradication programme... Read more

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Location filming for this module proved contentious. Not surprisingly, the authorities at Birmingham University are very sensitive about the Janet Parker case. Many local people remember the events of 1978, and friends and relative of the protagonists live nearby.


But the story is important and in the public interest, and so we went ahead with the story even without the University's formal blessing. I believe we covered it with sensitivity and without sensationalism.

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Timelines: "Smallpox through Time" was entirely funded with through a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Award. We are very grateful for the Trust's support in the making of this resource.

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