Smallpox Through Time


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12.Global Action

The World Health Organisation eradicates a global killer. (5.5 mins)

13.Smallpox Today
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1. The decline of smallpox in the West
By the early 20th century, smallpox fatalities... Read more
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2. Global eradication
In 1967, the WHO embarked... Read more
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3. Mass vaccination vs containment
The WHO knew traditional strategies... Read more
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4. Overcoming local obstacles
In some places, especially on the Indian subcontinent... Read more
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5. A world free of smallpox
After the final cases of the disease in India... Read more

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The World Health Organisation building in Geneva was opened in 1966. It's designed by the Swiss architect Jean Tschumi. It sits on a hill near the headquarters of the Red Cross, and the Geneva UN building. It's a district that exudes a comforting sense of global community.


The new statue outside the HQ, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the eradication of smallpox, is by the Welsh sculptor Martin Williams.

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