Smallpox Through Time


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11.Epidemic on Camera

The story of the Gloucester epidemic: a century on from the discovery of the vaccine, smallpox spreads unchecked... (3 mins)

12.Global Action
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1. The vaccine controversy
Over the past thirty years, historians have debated... Read more
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2. Resistance to vaccination
From the start, vaccination had its critics... Read more
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3. The persistence of smallpox
Because of widespread resistance to vaccination... Read more
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4. Vaccination vs 'variolation'
Inoculation against smallpox ('variolation') was... Read more
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5. The decline of smallpox in the West
By the early 20th century, smallpox fatalities... Read more

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I seem to have spent a disproportionate slice of my life filming in Gloucester. I used the cathedral crypt for key scenes in a film I made on Thomas Becket. And my old History File series 'Medieval Realms' featured the nave, the cloister, and the exquisite effigy of Edward II.


This module was filmed on one of the coldest days of this recent perishingly cold winter. I was shivering between takes and Jon's hands were freezing to the camera. For my next film project I'd like to do something warm, please. A history of India sounds appealing...!

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