Smallpox Through Time


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10.Public Health, Public Protest

The story of how the compulsory vaccination of infants in Britain provoked a furious backlash. (3.25 mins)

11.Epidemic on Camera
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1. The vaccine controversy
Over the past thirty years, historians have debated... Read more
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2. Resistance to vaccination
From the start, vaccination had its critics... Read more
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3. The persistence of smallpox
Because of widespread resistance to vaccination... Read more
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4. Vaccination vs 'variolation'
Inoculation against smallpox ('variolation') was... Read more
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5. The decline of smallpox in the West
By the early 20th century, smallpox fatalities...Read more

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We shot this module in Westminster. How many times have I filmed pieces to camera with the Palace of Westminster as the backdrop? The Great Reform Act, the Chartists, Keir Hardie, the Suffragettes. Even the Gunpowder Plot (spot the glaring historical anachronism there!).


Filming the Palace of Westminster these days is frankly such a hassle. In this terrorist conscious age, getting permission to film there has become increasingly difficult. (The first freedom we gave up was the freedom to film the very building that's meant to secure our freedoms!).

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