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8.Scramble for Africa
1873 - 1900

An exploration of British imperialism in the late Victorian era, told through the extraordinary story of Cecil Rhodes. (5 mins)

9.Easter Rising
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1. The extraordinary ambition of Cecil Rhodes.
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2. Rhodes' dream becomes reality: he conquers a nation - and names it after himself.
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3. The Scramble for Africa in the late 19th century - "imperialism gone mad".
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4. The contradiction that underscored the Empire - and eventually destroyed it.

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We filmed Oriel College from the tower of St Mary's Church. It's 124 steps to the top, but well worth it for a view of Oxford's 'gleaming spires'.

Looking north from the church you overlook the Radcliffe Camera, a glorious round Palladian building housing a science library.


Rhodes House - where we filmed the map sequence - is closed to visitors (unless you fancy hiring it for a wedding). It's the headquarters of the Rhodes Trust, and a meeting place for Rhodes Scholars, who in their time have numbered Bob Hawke (President of Australia in the 1980s) and Bill Clinton.


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