History of Britain - Nations & Empire


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5.East India Company

An exploration of the origins of Britain's two hundred year relationship with the Indian subcontinent. (5.25 mins)

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1. The centuries-old relationship between Britain and the Indian sub-continent.
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2. The story of a 'nabob' - a Brit who made his fortune in India in the early years of the Empire.
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3. How a private trading company took control of India: the story of the East India Company.
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4. Commerce and Conquest. The seeds of the East India Company's downfall.

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The module begins in Glasgow, at the 'Mela' which is celebrated every year in June in Kelvingrove Park. It's an annual celebration of Glasgow's Asian heritage.

From there we moved to Kinross House in Perthshire, bought by the 'nabob' George Graham in the late 18th century.


Kinross House remained a family home for two centuries, and they gave us a lovely welcome on the day we came to film. But just last year (2009) the house was put up for sale. Yours for £4.25 million. The house has a lovely view of Loch Leven, on which stands the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned before being taken south to Fotheringhay.


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