History of Britain - Nations & Empire


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3.United Kingdoms
1603 - 1800

The story of how, over two hundred years, England, Scotland and Ireland became a United Kingdom. (3.75 mins)

4.Atlantic Trade
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1. A story of interweaving nations - the Scots in Ulster.
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2. England and Scotland - one monarch from 1603, a Union from 1707. Union with Ireland follows in 1800.
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3. Unified, Britain stands ready for new 'adventures' abroad - and the story of the British Empire begins.

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This module was shot on a beautiful blue day in Ballintoy in County Antrim, just a few miles away from the Old Bushmills Distillery, which I shouldn't really be plugging on an educational site, but Bushmills is fine old Irish whiskey and the Distillery museum is well worth a visit...


The second half of the module was shot at the Giant's Causeway, for no great reason other than that we were close, and we'd never been, and we all wanted to visit. What an awesome geological spectacle it is. Go if you can - it's well worth the drive.


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