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2.Plantations in Ireland

An exploration of the origins of England's troubled relationship with Ireland in the era of Elizabeth 1. (6.25 mins)

3.United Kingdoms
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1. The idea of "plantations" in the late 16th century - English seeds taking root in foreign soil.
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2. Plantations in Ireland in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Imposing the Protestant Reformation on Ireland.
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3. Colonizing Ireland with Protestant stock - and comparisons with the colonies in America.
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4. Protestants come to Ireland in their thousands. Planting "Englishness"; planting trouble.

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We filmed this module in Grey Abbey in County Down, Northern Ireland. Dating from 1193, it was the first gothic church in Ireland. It was a Cistercian foundation for three and half centuries, until it was dissolved in 1541 and physically destroyed in the military operations of the Elizabethan era.


In 1572, Brian O'Neill burnt down Greyabbey in order to stop it being used as a refuge for English colonists trying to settle in the Ards Peninsula. It is currently located within the parkland of Rosemount House, home of the Montgomery family.


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