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11.End of Empire

The story of the British Empire comes full circle, as the first wave of immigrants arrive in post-war Britain. (2.25 mins)

1.Conquest of Wales
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1. The Empire story comes full circle. Mass immigration begins with the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948.
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2. The end of Empire, but a Commonwealth of nations remains.

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This final module was filmed at Tilbury Docks in Essex, where the SS Empire Windrush arrived in 1948.

Should you ever visit Tilbury, take the ferry across the Thames to Gravesend. The ferry is called the "Princess Pocahontas", and it takes you direct to the graveyard where Pocahontas is buried.


She was in England with her husband John Rolfe, flogging the virtues of Jamestown tobacco, and she fell sick of Smallpox.

We cover this story in our Smallpox timeline (see 'Smallpox in the New World'). It's incongruous, but rather moving, to see her memorial in an English graveyard.


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