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10.Gandhi in London

An exploration of the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the years of British imperial decline. (6.5 mins)

11.End of Empire
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1. London - the hub of Empire - hosts a conference to discuss the future of India.
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2. "Mahatma" Gandhi asks hard questions about the nature of British so-called 'civilization'.
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3. Gandhi in India. 'Satyagraha' - the 'power of the soul'. Shaming the Raj through superior moral character.
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4. Gandhi in the East End of London in 1931 - a handshake extended between East and West.
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5. Democracy at home - why not in India?

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Gandhi's statue is in Tavistock Square, just south of Euston Station, London. It's regularly bedecked with flowers and garlands.

The Round Table sequence was shot in King Charles Street in Whitehall, where the Colonial Office was once based (it's now the FCO).


Kingsley Hall, where Gandhi stayed whilst he was in London, is on Powis Road, just west of Bromley-by-Bow tube. It's now a community centre. It has had an interesting history. In the 1960s it was home to a radical commune led by the 'anti-psychiatrist' R.D. Laing.


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