History of Britain - Nations & Empire


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1.Conquest of Wales

The story of Empire begins in the late 13th century with Edward 1's Conquest of Wales. (5.25 mins)

2.Plantations in Ireland
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1. England's imperial story begins with the Conquest of Wales in the 13th century.
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2. Edward I demands Welsh allegiance - and sends in his armies.
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3. Edward's castles - proud symbols of English military might.
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4. The Conquest of Wales as a model of imperialism to come.

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The module begins in Conwy Castle, and the helicopter sequence shows three other castles built in the decades after Edward I's conquest of Wales: Canaervon, Harlech, and Beaumaris. Instruments of oppression in their day, they're impressive monuments to the glory days of English castle-building.


The ruined tower where we filmed the Llewelyn ap Gruffydd sequence is Dolbadarn Castle on the Llanberis pass through Snowdonia, immortalised in a famous painting by J.M.W. Turner. Dolbardarn was built by Llewelyn's grandfather, Llewelyn the Great.


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