History of Britain - Rulers & Ruled


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9.The Wheel of History

The story of Oliver Cromwell, and of the failure of Britain's brief experiment in republican government. (8.5 mins)

10."Glorious" Revolution
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1. The gravestone of Oliver Cromwell: a historical puzzle.
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2. Democracy debated in the years of Civil War.
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3. The dream of 'a world turned upside-down' - and the dream shattered.
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4. Cromwell and the army take control. Tyranny re-imposed.
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5. The death of Cromwell - and the monarchy is restored. The wheel of history comes full circle.

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The opening sequence was shot in Westminster Abbey, London.

From there we moved to St Mary's Church, Putney (not much to see, but historically truly important) and from there to St George's Hill in Weybridge. How ironic that where the Diggers once made camp, rich footballers now play golf!


The next section was shot at Hampton Court, Wolsey's palace which Henry VIII took a shine to and made his own.

How extraordinary that Oliver Cromwell lived here too (absolute power, corrupting absolutely). Quite a contrast from his humble birthplace in Ely.


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