History of Britain - Rulers & Ruled


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8.Civil War
1640 - 1649

An exploration of the death of Charles 1, and of the crisis that engulfed England and Scotland in the mid 17th century. (7 mins)

9.The Wheel of History
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1. A cold day in January, 1649: the killing of a king.
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2. Kings had been murdered before. But a public execution? ... How and why did it happen?
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3. Charles I and Parliament - the descent into war.
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4. Oliver Cromwell rises to prominence and transforms the Parliamentary army.
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5. Charles' escape from imprisonment. The Second Civil War - and the Scottish connection.

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The opening sequence was filmed outside the Banqueting House in London. It's one of London's royal palaces, and has an impressive roof painted by Rubens showing the majesty and 'divine right' of King James 1 - almost the last thing Charles 1 would have seen before his death. Ironic.


The re-enactment sequences were courtesy of the Sealed Knot - fabulous fun. See them in action if you can - they're brilliant.

And then the final sequence was shot at Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight, where we also filmed for an earlier module (see 'Magna Carta').


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