History of Britain - Rulers & Ruled


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7.Henry VIII & Church

An exploration of the dramatic power struggle between Church and State in the years of the English Reformation. (4.5 mins)

8.Civil War
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1. 400 years after Henry II's struggle with Becket, Henry VIII takes on the Church - and wins.
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2. Henry wants a divorce - and the Church of England splits from the Church of Rome.
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3. The sale of Church lands (the greatest land grab since the Norman Conquest) hands more power to the gentry.
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4. New relationships - between God and man, between King and people.

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Hampton Court Palace (where the module begins) needs no introduction.

The next section - the rood screen - was filmed at St Michael's Church in Copford Green in Essex. It's a wonderful 12th century church with Byzantine-style wall-paintings, uncovered from behind a coating of 16th century whitewash.


The final section was filmed at Riveaux Abbey in North Yorkshire, one of the most awesome and impressive ruined abbeys in England.

(Although, for my money, if you're in the locality you should also nip to Fountains Abbey which is even more wonderful - a little bit of Cistercian heaven...).


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