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6.The Pastons

The story of one Norfolk family in the 15th century reveals a shift in the balance of power. (3.45 mins)

7.Henry VIII & Church
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1. Changes in 15th century society: the story of the Pastons of Norfolk.
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2. From peasants to gentry in three generations: a family on the rise.
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3. Education, the rule of law, and the decline of baronial power.

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The first half of the module was shot at Oxnead Hall in Norfolk, home of the Paston family in the 16th century. It's a private home, which, when we visited, was being lovingly restored by the photographer John Hedgecoe - and is currently (May 2010) for sale for a cool £2.5m!


Caister Castle in Norfolk is now the site of a rather drab motor museum. The reason I'm not providing a hyperlink is pure sour grapes - of all the locations we filmed at for this series, Caister was the only one that refused permission - which explains why we filmed from a helicopter!


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