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17.Century of Change

An overview of the transformations in British society in the century from Peterloo to the end of the First World War. (1.25 mins)

1.Norman Conquest
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1. A century of change - and the dawn of the democratic age.

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This final brief module was filmed in Ayr, in Ayrshire. We were filming sequences on the life of Keir Hardie nearby (see 'The Rise of Labour'), and were struck by the town's war memorial in the early morning light and so decided to film this sequence here.


It's a striking memorial - but not untypical. Every town and city in Britain, and almost every village, has a First World War memorial, or at the least a plaque on the wall of the local church.

Count the names on your local memorial - and imagine the impact today if that many local men were to die.


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