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16.Votes for Women

Explore the story of the Suffragettes. How did women eventually win the vote, and why did it take so long? (8.5 mins)

17.Century of Change
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1. 'Slasher' Mary: a Suffragette makes her point.
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2. Late Victorian attitudes to women. Why they didn't 'need' the vote.
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3. The Suffragettes - fighting for Votes for Women
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4. Herbert Asquith plays a game of Cat and Mouse. Hunger Strikes and public opinion.
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5. The First World War breaks the stalemate - and full adult suffrage (Votes for All) becomes a reality.

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The opening sequences of the module were shot in central London, outside the Palace of Westminster, and in Trafalgar Square. The Rockeby Venus is still on display in the National Gallery; it was restored and returned to public display after "Slasher" Mary's hatchet attack.


The final sequence was filmed in the disused armaments factory at Priddy's Hard, in Gosport, Hampshire. It's an evocative site, with each ruined shed separated from the next by high embankments in case of explosions.

Priddy's Hard is closed to the public, but Gosport boasts numerous visitor attractions.


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