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15.Rise of Labour

An exploration of the origins of the Labour Party, told through the story of Keir Hardie, Britain's first working class MP. (8 mins)

16.Votes for Women
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1. Keir Hardie: a working man elected to Parliament.
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2. Hardie's achievement: giving voters a choice.
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3. Keir Hardie's story - fighting for the unions in the Glasgow coal mines.
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4. Keir Hardie's challenge - how to get working men into Parliament.
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5. Industrial unrest in the late 1880s - and the birth of the Labour Party.

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This module opens in the House of Commons (did we feel good or what, filming in the hallowed footsteps of Andrew Marr?).

From there we moved to Lanarkshire, where Keir Hardie was born and worked in his days as a union official down the mines.


The final sequence was shot at Lister's Mills in Bradford. Once boasting a workforce of over 10,000, it was the largest silk factory in the world, supplying fabric for curtains in the White House as recently as 1976.

It's now being turned into chi-chi apartments.


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