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13.The Chartists

Why was there no revolution in Britain in the early 19th century? The story of the Chartists reveals the answer. (9.5 mins)

14.Dawn of Democracy
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1. Revolutionaries assemble on the Bradford Moors. The struggle for the vote gets ugly.
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2. Why such anger? Hardship in early industrial Britain - and the failure of Parliament to respond.
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3. The Great Reform Act. But great for whom?
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4. The Chartists petition for the vote. "Peaceably if we can; forcibly if we must".
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5. The revolution that never came - and the collapse of the Chartist movement.

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Many locations in this one, from the wilds of the Bradford Moors to the Palace of Westminster in London.

The weaving shed sequence was shot at Queen Street Mill in Burnley, which we used again to introduce the module on Titus Salt (see 'The Vision of Titus Salt').


The exterior mill featured towards the end of the module is Gibson's Mill in Hardcastle Crags, West Yorkshire.

I first visited Gibson's Mill fifteen years ago, when it was little more than a ruin, but it's being brought back to life in a regeneration project undertaken by the National Trust.


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