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12.Peterloo Massacre

The story of a tragic day in British political history, when the pressure for reform reached a bloody climax. (7.75 mins)

13.The Chartists
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1. The infamous 'Peterloo Massacre' of 1819 - armed cavalry attack peaceful protesters.
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2. Where the massacre took place: St Peter's Fields in Manchester.
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3. What had drawn 60,000 protesters to Manchester that day? The social and political context.
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4. What the protesters wanted: liberty, and "universal suffrage" - votes for all.
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5. The massacre was a wake-up call. The battle lines are drawn between those for Reform, and those against.

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The Peterloo Massacre took place on the open space in front of the Manchester Central Convention Centre (formerly the GMEX).

There's a campaign afoot to the have the massacre commemorated with a proper memorial.


The rest of the module was shot in Castlefields, a section of southwest central Manchester that has been redeveloped in the past fifteen years into an exciting heritage park, with canals and wharves and open-air restaurants.

The Museum of Science and Industry is a must.


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