History of Britain - Rulers & Ruled


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11.Rights of Man

What was the impact of the French Revolution on the political climate of late 18th century Britain? (7.25 mins)

12.Peterloo Massacre
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1. The French Revolution of 1789 shows up the stagnant corruption of British political life.
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2. The radical Tom Paine - and his circle of aristocratic chums. His friendship with the MP Edmund Burke.
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3. Were the 'freedoms' of 18th century Britons simply a delusion?
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4. Tom Paine applauds the French Revolution. But Burke fears the mob, the 'swinish multitude'.
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5. The French Revolution turns sour. And in Britain, fear of the mob sets back Reform for decades.

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The Paris sequences were shot on the Rive Gauche, looking across the river to Notre Dame, outside one of my favourite bookshops, Shakespeare and Co - a delightful establishment run by Sylvia, the charming and lovely daughter of the shop's bohemian founder, George Whitman.


The sequence describing the Marquess of Rockingham was filmed at the Wentworth Woodhouse Estate near Rotherham in Yorkshire, once the Rockingham family seat, but now owned by a secretive local businessman who was most unhelpful and failed to return our calls.


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