History of Britain - Rulers & Ruled


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1.Norman Conquest

What was the impact of the Norman Conquest on the political fabric of Saxon England? (7.5 mins)

2.Church & Crown
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1. The Norman Conquest - from Pevensey Bay to the Battle of Hastings.
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2. How different, for the Saxons, was life after the Conquest?
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3. Saxon resistance... and Norman reprisal.
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4. recorded in the Domesday Book - was the key to William's power. Feudal dues kept him strong.

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The opening sequences in the module were shot at Pevensey Bay and Battle Abbey, both in Sussex. William 1 built Battle Abbey on the site of the Battle of Hastings to commemorate his victory.

Pleshey Castle (where we filmed the motte and bailey sequence) is on private land, only open by appointment.


The final sequence was shot in one of the most dramatic of all Norman Castles - Richmond Castle, in Yorkshire, built by the Breton mercenary Alan the Red. Alan was one of the major beneficiaries of the carve-up of land that followed the Conquest, and took a key role in the 'harrying of the north'.


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