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8.Shakespeare's World

Explore England in the age of Shakespeare: a time of transition from the medieval to the modern. (7.5 mins)

9.Pendle Witches
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1. Shakespeare's genius shows us a world in transition - from the medieval to the modern.
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2. New ways of learning, new ways of thinking. Shakespeare's schooldays show how much things were changing.
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3. Daring to question ancient knowledge - and to confront the reality of the human condition.
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4. Shakespeare makes his way to London - and what he found there: a cosmopolitan world.

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You can't explore Shakespeare's world without a visit to Stratford - but to be honest it's so overrun with tourists it's hard to recommend. The Birthplace Museum and RSC Theatre are worth a visit.

Unfortunately the old schoolroom in the Edward VI Grammar School isn't open to the public.


The replica of the Globe in Southwark, London, is well worth a visit. It's very atmospheric, and the guided tours are informative.

It's well placed for other attractions; Tate Bankside, the Clink, the replica of Drake's Golden Hinde, and the Old Operating Theatre are all nearby.


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