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6.Yeoman England
1350 - 1500

Why was England so prosperous in the decades that followed the Black Death? One Suffolk village reveals the answer. (6 mins)

7.The Reformation
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1. How did the Suffolk village of Walsham-le-Willows fare in the century that followed the Black Death?
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2. The labour shortage - changing forever the balance of power between lords and peasants.
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3. Walsham's church is evidence of the boom times that followed the Black Death.
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4. The wool trade in Suffolk - a market economy - and the rise of Yeoman England.

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Walsham-le-Willows is historically famous, because of the wealth of manor records describing life here in precise detail in the late Middle Ages. But to be honest it's better to read about than to see. A lovely place to live, but there's not much to interest the casual visitor.


Lavenham, on the other hand (where the latter part of the module was filmed) is simply wonderful. It's one of the most enchanting towns in England, full of timber-framed buildings painted in jaunty colours. And the wool church of St Peter and St Paul is truly impressive.


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