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5.The Black Death

An exploration of the Black Death, and its devastating impact on medieval England. (6.5 mins)

6.Yeoman England
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1. Intro: The arrival, in Weymouth, of the Black Death - the worst natural disaster in our history.
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2. Case Study: Norwich - the impact of the Black Death in one medieval city.
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3. The aptly named 'Tombland' - where plague pits were dug to dispose of the dead.
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4. Was it caused by 'bad air'? - or a curse from God? The medieval mind struggled to explain the disaster.
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5. The impact of the Black Death in the countryside: corpses by the roadsides, and whole villages deserted.

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There's nothing to see in Weymouth from the days of the Black Death - but it's a pleasant enough tourist town, and a good way to access Dorset's Jurassic Coast which is nearby - a must for fossil hunters, and a World Heritage Site.


Norwich, on the other hand, oozes medieval history. It's chock full of churches from the Middle Ages. The Castle, which overlooks the town, is more impressive from outside than in. But the Cathedral is wonderful; the cloister is one of the most lovely in England.


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