History of Britain - Changing Lives


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3.Medieval Towns
1200 - 1350

An exploration of town life in medieval England. How did town life differ from life in the countryside? (5.25 mins)

4.Monastic Life
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1. Where could medieval peasants experience some kind of freedom? - in the towns.
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2. The birth of towns in medieval England - the experience of Ledbury in Herefordshire.
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3. Rent, not service - and why that makes a difference.
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4. "Town air makes free" - a world of variety and opportunity.

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The module was mostly filmed in Ledbury, in Herefordshire, a typical market town still laid out as it was in its medieval heyday. The main focus of interest within the town is the famous market house, a 17th century construction on pillars (covered, unfortunately, with scaffolding on the day we came).


We filmed outside St Michaels and All Angels, a minster church built in the mid 12th century, and the rest of the module was shot in the streets of the town.

(Oh, and we cut in some other material of half-timbered buildings shot in Ludlow, just to confuse things).


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