History of Britain - Changing Lives


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2.Medieval Minds
1100 - 1300

Get inside the minds of medieval peasants. What did they believe? What were their hopes and fears? (6 mins)

3.Medieval Towns
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1. What were medieval men and women like? Did they laugh? What were their hopes and fears?
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2. A visit to Kempley Church in Gloucestershire gives an insight into the medieval mind.
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3. The hope of salvation... the fear of damnation.
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4. The Church as a place of celebration, where people marked the transitions in their lives.

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We filmed the sequence with the wall paintings at Kempley Church in Gloucestershire. It's way off the beaten track, in a field, and although English Heritage look after it you can go in and look around in the summer months without paying an entrance fee. It's a magical place - go take a look!


The exterior carvings are on a church nearby - Kilpeck Church, in Herefordshire. You could easily visit Kempley and Kilpeck in a day. Kilpeck boasts the most incredible Norman carvings. Check out the corbel table - the line of sculptures around the guttering of the roof - some of which are surprisingly rude!


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