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17.The Death of Industry

An exploration of the crisis facing British society in an era of industrial decline. (6.5 mins)

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1. Our transformation in the 20th century from an industrial to a post-industrial nation.
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2. Case study: the death of mining. Struggling in the face of foreign competition.
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3. The Miners' Strike. Fighting to preserve proud traditions? - or to defend the indefensible?
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4. The idea of 'society' - in Thatcher's Britain, and in the decades since.

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The mill sequence in the first half of the module was shot at Lister's Mills in Bradford, one of the truly great industrial complexes in Britain, scene of the 1890 strike (see module 'The Rise of Labour') and once boasting a workforce of over 10,000. It's now being turned into chi-chi apartments.


The mining sequences were shot at Grimethorpe Colliery - now being extensively re-landscaped - and at the old mining village of South Elmsall in South Yorkshire.

South Elmsall was a fiercely proud mining town, and one of the last communities to return to work when the strike was finally broken.


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