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14.The Vision of Titus Salt

Explore the way philanthropic mill-owners tackled the problems and divisions of the early industrial Britain. (7 mins)

15.Cities Transformed
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1. Britain hosts a Great Exhibition - but prosperity came at a price.
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2. A Bradford mill owner, Titus Salt, resolves to transform the grim landscape of industrial Britain.
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3. Salt's vision made real: the model industrial village of Saltaire in South Yorkshire.
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4. Salt's vision was controlling and patriarchal - but it offered a divided nation hope.

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The opening sequence of the module was shot in Queen Street Mill in Burnley, which despite being quite hard to find is a real treat.

The working steam engine is a boffin's delight - but it's the weaving shed that's truly awe-inspiring. Imagine this place in its heyday, with all the looms working!


The second half of the module was shot at Salt's Mill in Saltaire, which is in West Yorkshire (not South Yorkshire as I mistakenly said in the video!). It's impressive, although nothing is left of the mill interiors - it's now a gallery space, dedicated to the work of David Hockney.


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