Current Funding

Sponsor a timeline or a module is a free-to-view site. We believe that keeping it free is the best way to guarantee a large and dedicated user-base.

To survive, it depends on sponsorship from national, corporate and philanthropic institutions, who embrace the internet (as we do) as a viable new medium for public service educational provision.

We're delighted to be working with the Wellcome Trust on our new resource, Smallpox Through Time. The Trust was generous enough to meet the entire cost of the project, sponsoring with a Public Engagement Award that enabled us to create nearly an hours' worth of video content - effectively, the cost of a full-length television documentary.

The Trust will make no profit from the venture - except to know that they've helped create a valuable and targeted resource that will be used for years to come on a daily basis in schools the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

We are in discussion with potential backers for several new projects for, including a history of Britain's relationship with India, and a history of the Islamic world.

As funding is confirmed, we'll announce all new plans here.

If you or your organisation might be interested in sponsoring the site,
a timeline or even just a module, we're keen to hear from you.